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Do you love Math? Do you see beauty in mathematical ideas? Do you enjoy solving Math puzzles the way some people enjoy taking cars apart? Do you get lost in excursions, finding patterns and relationships among numbers, symbols, and concepts?

Or, is Math a lot of work for you - not something you would ever associate with the words joy, fun, or play.

Perhaps you're a parent or teacher, wondering how you can motivate your child or your students to view Math as a whole-brain blending of the creative with the logical.

This blog is the expression of a life-long passion that I've had for all things mathematical. My sincere desire is to share articles, reviews, and links to products, services, and web-sites that inspire people of all ages to enjoy Math.

My invitation is this: Help to inspire all of us to see Mathematics as the beauty it is. Share your original content, reviews of products and services that inspire inspiration and enjoyment of all things mathematical. Share your comments and ideas about this blog.

Please leave your comments on this post or contact me via email to discuss publishing your content here.


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