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A picture is worth …

How many of you remember doing geometry proofs in High School? How many of you enjoyed writing them? I don’t know about you but I’ve always preferred pictures to words when it comes to understanding how something works.

Proofs Without Words“Proofs Without Words: Exercises in Visual Thinking” by Roger B. Nelsen is a wonderful book that provides visual insights into how one might go about proving mathematical theorems. The Pythagorean Theorem has always been a mystery to me. How are the squares of the sides of a right triangle related to its hypotenuse? “Proof Without Words” has five clever illustrations that guide readers in writing their own proofs.

If you ever doubted that algebra and geometry were related, the diagrams demonstrating how to compute sums of series will produce aha! experiences.

Writing proofs when one is guided by visual cues is a much more fulfilling endeavor than stringing together dry facts from memory. This book delivers much fulfillment in exploring theorems in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, sequences, and other aspects of Math.

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