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Algebra help is just a click away

www.algebra.com is a great free site for students needing help with their algebra homework. People who enjoy helping others with their algebra homework sign up as volunteer tutors. Students post their homework problems and the tutors answer them, ideally providing an explanation of how they got to the solution.

Some months ago I was quite active in the algebra.com community, having solved and explained 188 problems under the moniker joyofmath. After having gotten bored solving the same kinds of problems over and over I started being much more selective, solving the more challenging problems that other tutors were ignoring. That was a very satisfying experience. And, if you think I’ve solved lots of problems, there’s someone with the handle stanbon who holds the record for most problems solved - 10,581 to date. Wow!

Algebra.com is easy for students and tutors to use and it even has a nice mechanism for formatting text so that it looks good, even when there are exponents and math symbols involved. So, if you’re needing help or wanting to help algebra.com has something for you.

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