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Phi: It’s everywhere you look

Phi, also known as the golden ratio or the divine proportion, is one of the great mathematical constants. It is equal to a little more than 1.6 and is a most interesting irrational (but not transcendental) number. Phi has a fascinating connection with the Fibonacci series, it can be derived by solving a simple quadratic equation, and it reveals itself in simple but deep geometric constructions.

http://goldennumber.net provides the familiar background material on Phi and then goes much deeper, showing startling examples of how the golden ratio appears in art, architecture, music, poetry, proportions of the human body, and other surprising places.

A fun example of Phi appearing in unexpected places is in the dimensions of a credit card. The ratio of the two sides is very close to Phi.

Credit card dimensions in the golden ratio

Another surprising example, at the microscopic level, is the DNA molecule. Each double helix spiral is in the proportion of the golden ratio.

DNA molecules in golden ratio proportion

Check out http://goldennumber.net for more than you could every want to know about Phi, all beautifully illustrated.

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