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The Blogosphere contains a number of Math-related blogs. One that caught my attention was The Math LessThe Math Less Traveled Traveled (an obvious pun on "The Road Less Traveled"). Author Brent Yorgey is a software developer and former Math and Computer Science instructor. Yorgey's blog has a number of delightful posts that arouse curiosity about Math. The blog is aimed at High School students although adults will enjoy it as well. The blog reads like a good book of Mathematical excursions - many posts serve as self-contained sparks of inspiration towards exploration. Yorgey explains mathematical concepts clearly and relates very well to his young audience. Clearly Yorgey delights in communicating ideas to students.

Excursions topics include:

  • Fibonacci numbers and the related golden mean
  • Patterns in Pascal's triangle
  • Triangular numbers
  • Sums of sequences
  • Tetrahedral numbers

I was delighted to discover Math Less Traveled as Yorgey and I share the sense of joy and beauty in mathematical exploration. And, we both take pleasure in sharing the joy, in inspiring others to get psyched about Math.

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