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“Math Girl” rocks

Surfing Youtube looking for entertaining Math videos I ran into the "Math Girl" series. They're absolutely hilarious. Even if you're not a Math geek you should enjoy these videos. There are two episodes so far, and a preview of a third.

From Wikipedia:

Math Girl is an animated movie superhero co-created by Lou Crockett, an artist, animator, and designer; Jesai Jayhmes, an actor and director; and Veselin Jungić, a working mathematician. The character made her first appearance in Differentials Attract (2004). In her civilian clothes Math Girl is an ordinary student, a smart girl that wears glasses. When she takes her superpower alter ego, thanks to her superb understanding of mathematics, Math Girl becomes a super heroine. Math Girl operates in Calculopolis, assisted by her sidekick Pat Thagoras a young man who admires Math Girl, and professorial Big Math, the mayor of Calculopolis. She fights a villain named Zero!, an evil character whose goal is to rule Calculopolis by exploiting people’s ignorance of mathematics.

Check out the videos at the Math Girl page for the mathematician who co-created the series, Dr. Veselin Jungic.

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