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Carnival of Healing #111 announced

Carnival of Healing #111 was announced yesterday. It contains an article of mine: EFT clears Math phobia. Check out the carnival for some uplifting articles.

You may be wondering, has Sol gone "carnival happy?" What does a healing carnival have to do with Math? Well, this blog is a major passion of mine. I've always loved Math but most people on this planet don't. So, I'm trying to get the word out that there are different ways to look at one's relationship with Math, that Math can be fun and accessible. It's a mission of mine, and if one reader of the Carnival of Healing gets the idea that they could actually have a relationship with Math and not run away from all things mathematical then I will have done something that means a lot to me.

Speaking of relationship, I'd love to know my readers better. Please introduce yourselves. Tell stories about your relationship to Math. What do you want more of in this blog. What do you want less of? And, if you enjoy this blog, please spread the word.

It can get mighty lonely in Cyberspace; I'd love to hear from you.

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