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What do Math geeks build with LEGOs?

Yesterday Mathmom (is that her real name?) posted a great video on her blog, Ramblings of a Math Mom. The video is of a working Lego mini-car factory made out of Lego Mindstorm pieces. Some people have way too much time on their hands. I love it!

I have to say I really enjoy Mathmom's blog. It's one I check on every couple of days or so as Mathmom has a way of finding humorous Math-related stuff on the Internet and when we're not looking she sneaks "serious" Math into some of her posts too 🙂

Anyway, after watching the amusing video and reading on Mathmom's post that their next project is to build an airplane factory I got to thinking, what would the ultimate Math geek Lego construction be? Well, it so happens that I collect lots of Math-related URLs (yeah, weird hobby, I know) and I remember having run across this Lego construction:

Andy Carol's Difference Engine 2

So, what is it? It's a Babbage Difference Engine, and apparently a working one. It's an early calculating device. You can read all about it at Andy Carol's web-site.

Can anyone top this for Math geekiness?

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