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Has your Math paper been rejected by peer-reviewed journals?

This is hilarious. There's a new web-site, Rejecta Mathematica, that claims to give new hope to many. They've got a call for papers in the mathematical sciences. They're looking for papers specifically rejected from peer-reviewed journals for reasons like "mapping the blind alleys of science", "applications of cold fusion", and my personal favorite, "squaring the circle." And, they've got an RSS feed so you can keep abreast of those rejected papers that meet Rejecta Mathematica's standards.

Vlorbik, are you reading this? This site is the kind of stuff you live to write about 🙂

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  1. definitely a hoot.
    “fills a much needed gap”
    as the saying goes.
    i’d read about it on a couple blogs
    but i’ve forgotten which . . .

  2. This seems to be similar to the PLoS project:

    Like the site says, a lot of rejected material contains valid information. Mathematicians are very stuffy about being accurate, so if a paper contains 19 new points and one flaw, it will likely be rejected from respected journals. There still may be 19 new points to consider, however.

  3. I’ll have to check out plos.org.

    It’s not the premise of Rejecta that cracks me up but their attitude. There’s a fun playfulness in their writing.

    Yes, there’s a place for serious Math that didn’t meet some people’s standards. I agree with that.

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