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Numerical memory in young chimps vs. adult humans – guess who wins?

It's reminiscent of those Planet of the Apes movies. Apes are smart. Humans are stupid.

ScienceDaily just ran this article: Young Chimps Top Adult Humans in NumericalPlanet of the Apes Memory. Young chimps and adult humans played this game where some numbers were displayed on a screen in some, I'm-sure, hard to remember order for, I'm-sure, not very long. Then the player had to identify which numbers were where, and in what order. Gulp! I'm glad I wasn't recruited for this game. I'd have put the whole human race to shame. I wonder what consolation prizes the humans got.

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  1. Chimps got numerical memory, Humans got opposable thumbs and the ability to craft tools. I think the chimps are the ones who need a consolation prize 😉

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