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Flexagon fun for the whole family

If you've never heard of flexagons you're in for a treat. Flexagons are flat paper constructions, some of which are really easy to make, that are tremendously fun to play with because you "flex them", hence the name, to reveal more than the two sides that you would expect to see. Some flexagons are even related to the Mobius strip.

Wikipedia has a nice article about flexagons but my very favorite flexagon site is The Flexagon Portal. The portal has a number of patterns that you can print out, preferably on a color printer, cut out, fold, then flex to your heart's content. The site has easy flexagons and others that are harder to make.

Flexagon projects are great for the kids because they can color them and create their own flexagon masterpieces. Also, they can make original flexagon Christmas cards with their own messages on them. Different parts of the greeting can be revealed on different sides of the flexagon.

While you're on the Flexagon Portal don't miss the FAQ page. There are only three FAQ items but the tips for cutting, folding and pasting are definitely worth a read. Also, check out the video on how to fold a flexagon.

You Tube has a few videos about flexagons. Here's a nice one:


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  1. This is always a favorite activity at our Math Club meetings. We do hexa-hexa-flexagons, like the one in your video. But what my students really need is a “how to recover after opening it the wrong way” video!

  2. This is fantastic stuff! When I do Math Club, I’m going to do it. I agree with Denise: my first thought in watching the video was “what if I do it wrong??” Thank you!

  3. hello, i enjoy your site and Blog. I came to you on the search for a paper toy which I saw here:


    They sell this toy….but i do not like the religious touch….

    But i am interested in doing such a toy with colouful paintings, perhaps also on school for a painting and craft activity….

    So please , if you know how to make that – i appreciate any help or paln or template or….

    Thanks in advonce from an hobby origamist!


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