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When you need that extra edge on the Math SAT

Do you know a high school student who's stressing over getting ready for his or her SATs, in particular the Math part? Are you wondering what to buy that special student for Christmas? Wanting a memorable gift? Want to get something he or she likely doesn't already have? Do you care enough to give the very best?

Well, look no further. Get him or her the SAT Math Concepts Shower Curtain. The product description states:

A simple, effective, and stress free learning tool for your children taking the SATs, allowing them to learn the basic SAT math concepts while taking a shower. Concepts include fractions, geometry, probability, and more!

Make every minute count!

When you purchase the SAT Math Concepts Shower Curtain through the above link you help to support this site.

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  1. how funny! i clicked to amazon to see it, and their “enlarged” version is not enlarged. i think i like th eperiodic table shower curtain. but i have shower doors!

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