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Free Sudoku resources for kids

There are zillions of Sudoku web-sites geared toward adults. I've gotten interested in finding Sudoku sites for the little ones, in particular my 6 and 8 year old nieces. While Sudoku is not strictly "about Math" it is a great exercise in logic, it engages kids with numbers and patterns, and if kids aren't careful they might enjoy Math more if they solve Sudoku problems.

I decided I wanted to find free resources, not that I have anything against commercial sources of puzzles. I was also interested in finding sites with more than just one or two puzzles.

Here are a few resources I found:

  • Daily SuDoKu for kids has a daily puzzle of varying difficulty plus an archive of puzzles going back a year, including kids puzzles rated easy, medium, and hard. The puzzles can be printed in medium or large sizes along with the solutions.
  • MyPuzzle.org has online Sudoku puzzles. The puzzles are randomly generated, they come in selectable difficulties, and they have a timer kids can use to see how fast they can solve them.
  • Puzzle choice has some 2x2 and 2x3 puzzles for kids.
  • Sudoku Score has large (9x9 divided into 3x3 squares) computer-generated puzzles with four levels of difficulty and an optional clock.
  • Ababasoft has 9x9 computer-generated puzzles with one level of difficulty. You can play the games online or download the game to play offline. Please be cautious about downloading this or any program from an unfamiliar sites as unknown software may contain viruses or spyware.
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  1. Sudoku for kids. That is a very interesting point of view. With practise and experience anyone can mster the game and obviously it sharpens the mind as well.

  2. Thanks for visiting. Sudoku is often marketed to adults. I thought I’d make the pitch that sharpening the mind can start young.

  3. Is anybody there who can give me some important hints on how to play Puzzles Sudoku game in easy way to solve?

  4. These resources are not only great for kids but also those just starting out solving sudoku. You are never too old to start. It is a great exercise for the mind

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