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Those of you who have read my about page know that I spent 25 years in high tech. A couple of months ago I left the company my brother founded, Deep Web Technologies, to dedicate myself to sharing my passion about Math and to learning about Internet entrepreneurship. This journey is turning out to be a really nice expression of a number of my talents: computers, writing, teaching, and Math.

Just when I thought I was done with high tech, a few weeks ago my brother asks me, the blogger in the family, to start a blog for his industry, federated search. Federated search is the process of finding content in databases that one usually has to fill out search forms to access. Google and the other "crawlers" follow links from web pages to gather content that they then index for later searching. Federated search engines search content live, they search multiple sources at once, and often they search scientific and technical databases that house content that Google doesn't know about. The search technologies behind Science.gov and Scitopia.org are two good examples of what Deep Web builds.

If you want to know more about federated search, or if you want to just see a different persona of mine, check out my new blog: Federated Search Blog. If you know of any librarians or people who follow the search engine industry please tell them about the blog as well. Given how few blogs there are dedicated to federated search and given Deep Web's expertise in this area I'm quite confident that this blog will grow and serve as a valuable resource to the industry.