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Math bloggers: What was your most popular post in 2007?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I'm stealing this great idea from Problogger.

Come join a virtual New Year's Eve party right here and reminisce a little about 2007. Leave a comment with this message stating what your most popular post was, using any criteria you desire. It could be the post with the most views, the one with the most comments, or maybe the one that was linked to the most. You decide. Brag a little about the successes of your blog this year as well, sharing some highlights of the year.

I've already bragged about my most popular post in my State of the Blog address but I'd love to know yours and I bet other Math bloggers would as well.

If I get enough comments - all comments are due by the night of December 30 - I''ll write a new post on New Year's Eve that incorporates all of your comments. If I do write this post everybody who participates will get a little bit of extra visibility for their blog from visitors to my blog. That's a good thing for everybody.

If you write a "year in review" post in your own blog the let me know about it and I'll link to it if I get enough comments to write a post about all of our successes.

Also, while you're thinking about the successes of your blog this year don't forget to heed Brent's call for submissions by tomorrow for Friday's Carnival of Mathematics. I'm not sure what time he wants them tomorrow but send them early in the day to avoid the rush 🙂

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  1. My most popular post in 2007 was Pairing Up With Gauss. The post had a couple of follow ups here and here that weren’t quite as popular (but I think they’re worth checking out anyhow).

    I think I will write a “year in review” post on my blog as well, so take a look if you decide to do a links posting.

  2. I seem to have messed up my first link, so here it is again:

    Pairing Up With Gauss

  3. I think our most popular post was So, a horse walks into a bar… (a post about math jokes). At the end of a semester, I suppose everyone can use a laugh!

  4. Heather,

    Nice to “see” you again. I’ll have to check out that post and add it to my year-end most-popular-post post. Thanks!

  5. I took part in your little reminiscence party somewhat belatedly, sorry! It’s a nice idea! Here’s the link:

    Blogged in 2007 and 2008

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