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Some of us have been “blogged”

Blogged.com just added a Math Blog Directory. I never heard of blogged.com before.

Anyway, there are 26 Math blogs listed as of this writing although not every single one is a Math blog. There are even some Math blogs I hadn't heard of that I'm going to check out.

Will it make those of us who got listed rich and famous? I doubt it. But, hey, a link is a good thing and maybe it will bring visitors.

And, if you didn't get listed go and submit your blog.

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  1. Sniff. Not listed. And I’m dead last on Math Bloggers (though one of my posts is in 3rd place on today’s top posts page — go figure)

    Well, I did submit my blog, so maybe I’ll get to join you in the Math Blog Directory some day. Congrats on your great rating! I saw many of my favorites on that list, and perhaps I’ll get a chance to explore a few of the ones that are new to me.

  2. Well, I’m not even listed on Math Bloggers although I told them about my blog a little while ago. Oh well. Congrats on being #3 for a day.

  3. Thanks for the tip!
    I am not a serious math blogger, but I can use these in my job (my serious math blog is in Finnish) 🙂

  4. Wow! Thanks for the information. I am glad that I have found such a large community of people (or site) dealing with maths. It’s like discovering treasure. I hope to be able to learn and share ideas with all of you. Cheers! 🙂

  5. Sol, I recommended your blog for Math Bloggers a while back too. Hopefully after the holidays they’ll get around to checking it out, and then I’m sure they’ll add you.

  6. @MathMom: today I’m on Math Bloggers. Maybe it takes 3 submissions to get in!

    @Lim Ee Hai: Welcome to the Math blogosphere.

  7. I don’t get Math Bloggers. Today’s “top post” is a post from October on Homeschool Math Blog. Nice post, but why now? I see two of your posts on there today, but you’re still not listed under the community tab, which doesn’t make sense to me. I think they still have kinks in their system to work out. They seem to get the number of comments on a post wrong most of the time too.

  8. Yup, their system has kinks for sure. Better kinked than dead, I say, though 🙂

  9. Okay, I am a bit math dazed today–but maybe it is because I’ve been in the house working on my blog for the past three days due to rain, sleet, and snow!

    I appreciated this link and wanted to thank you for stopping by. I haven’t been over here in a while so it was a good excuse to take a break and see what you were up to!

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