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2007, 2008: Math bloggers look forward and back

A few days ago I invited everyone in the Math blog community to share their most popular posts of 2007 and reminisce a bit. This morning I'm touring the Math blogs to see who has publicly reminisced and/or set intentions for this new year. Here's what I found:

Jonathan over at jd718 has a post, Gazinta January, telling us what his January posts will be about.

Denise at Let's Play Math highlights a number of her 2007 posts in Best of Let's play math! in 2007." Included are some nice photographs.

Early last month Antonio Cangiano posted at Math-Blog Where Math-Blog is headed.

Rebecca at Adventures in Applied Math was tagged with an end-of-the-year meme and responds in End-of-the-Year Meme.

Dave at MathNotations asks for feedback about his blog. What did you like? What do you want more of? Questions like that. See 'Feed Me, See More' MathNotations in '08!

Mathmom at Ramblings of a Math Mom shares her favorite posts and more in 2007 - The Year in Review.

zac at squareCircleZ has a post, The most popular squareCircleZ math blog post in 2007.

Heather from 360 writes, in a comment to my invitation post:

"I think our most popular post was So, a horse walks into a bar… (a post about math jokes). At the end of a semester, I suppose everyone can use a laugh!

I shared my most popular post and did my intention setting a few weeks ago.

Happy 2008, everyone!

p.s. If I missed your year-end post then I probably don't know about your blog. Please leave a comment with this post and I'll add you to my RSS reader for the next time I'm scouring the Math blogosphere.

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  1. Hi Sol

    My year-end post was supposed to be this one:


    but I ended up posting something about octave at the last minute. I think the most popular post I ever made was this one:


    Happy new year to you,

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