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Carnivals and Miscellany

There are a number of items I want to write about but each one is not a post's worth so I'll just list them out Vlorbik-style.

The Carnival of Homeschooling #105 - 2nd anniversary edition is out. Here are the comments on the Math-related posts from the editor of that Carnival - not my words.

Someone submitted a post of mine about the connection between good storytelling ability and math skills to the Carnival of Storytelling #8. Very cool!

My friend Birney published a post I wrote specifically for his blog, Energy Boomer. Birney's blog is all about how to be conscious of energy use and how to save energy. The post is Drive or Bike: Do the Math. It's not the kind of Math I typically write about so go check it out.

The upcoming Carnival of Mathematics will be hosted next week at Ars Mathematica.

The 360 blog had a post on 12/24 about someone who has a dodecahedral calendar generator. It's very slick and very convenient given that a dodecahedron has 12 sides and a year has 12 months! You enter the year and select a language and the program generates a PDF file with the right shape pieces that you can fold together into a dodecahedron. So, if you don't already have a dodecahedral calendar for 2008 here's your chance to make your own!

The outstanding Spirit of Mathematics blog has a reference to this outstanding 11 page article by Paul Dawkins: How to Study Mathematics.