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Outstanding historical Math lectures

Professor Robin Wilson of Gresham College has delivered a number of outstanding lectures, mostly about historical mathematical subjects, that are available from the College's web-site. The lectures are viewable by Real Player and there are transcriptions in PDF format and lecture notes available. The lectures I've watched are a half hour long but I don't know if that's the case for all of them.

There are 30 lectures available from Professor Wilson. Topics include:

  • Euclid
  • Newton
  • Euler
  • Much ado about zero
  • Prime-time mathematics
  • How hard is a hard problem?
  • Who invented algebra?
  • Who invented the calculus? and other 17th century topics
  • Wallpaper patterns and buckyballs

Two that I've particularly enjoyed are "Problems with schoolgirls" and "Who invented algebra?"

Enjoy the lectures and share a comment about the ones you like.

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  1. i need to learn something in math.

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