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Don’t fail your next Math test if you have this teacher …

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  1. I know it’s probably all in good fun, but it seems like an irresponsible thing for a teacher to do. If it’s well received, that’s one thing, but if I failed a test and then had that stapled to it, I’d be royally p—ed. The whole insult to injury thing.

  2. I love it! Mind you, if I were to do that here, I would be in so much trouble! Sometimes though … I think it might be worth the hassle to get the point across … 🙂

  3. @Donald: I hear you. Yes, this joke is edgy. My intent was to be light. I can see how the joke might not be funny to some.

    @Mad Hatter: I’m glad you liked it.

  4. I really do like the joke. But then I was thinking, after looking at the extravagantly-marked failed test paper: that teacher did have a sadistic streak and is one reason why so many people hate math: too many math teachers and students lord it over those who struggle, who then feel like losers. I experienced it too often.

    So this funny photo can open up a lot of dialog. That’s good.

  5. All my math teachers would have done that, I disliked them and they disliked me, lol

  6. @Andree: I agree that dialog is good and I’m glad you like the joke.

    @Making Sales: I guess it’d be hard to be a Math teacher and be liked by everyone but there are some extraordinary Math teachers out there who are super popular.

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