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Wild About Math! has been growing. The blog has many more RSS readers than it had even a month ago, people are leaving more comments, and I'm getting a few purchases through the Amazon search box and occasional clicks on links of books I've reviewed. While the revenue for this blog is quite tiny - barely enough to pay for its web hosting - I am grateful to those of you who do contribute to this blog through your purchases, readership, and participation. But, most importantly, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my love of Math with everyone.

As I spend more time in the world of interesting Math I'm finding that I am running into lots more fun Math-related stuff than would make for full blog posts. So, I'm going to be using the mailing list, (the sign-up form is near the top of the right sidebar), as a way of sending little "Math bites" to interested people. These will be little puzzles, games, links to cool web-sites, quotes, and other things I run into. And, I may run highly relevant ads on the list. My intent is to send a "Wild About Math! Math bites" email about once a week, again, containing goodies you won't find on the blog.

So, join the list if you enjoy what you've been reading on this blog.

To keep spam off the list I'm the only one who will send to it, and I'm paying Aweber to manage the mailing service. Aweber is the premier mailing list service. They require you to verify your subscription by sending you an email link to verify you got the email address right and aren't being subscribed against your wishes, Aweber doesn't tolerate spam, and Aweber makes it completely hassle free to unsubscribe at any time.

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