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A very nice testimonial

I received this very heartening testimonial the other day. It was a great reminder for me about my real purpose for blogging here. It's especially nice to receive emails like this one when I feel myself getting caught up in subscriber counts, how many people read a particular post, etc.

Do you go around to the blogs you enjoy and express your gratitude in the form of comments or emails? I do and I'm planning to do ever more of it.

With the author's permission, here is the letter, and thank you, Moshe, for such a heart-felt message.

Hello Sol,

I am Moshe maor from Israel.
Till this moment I thought that I am the only weird person who loves math.. The big difference between us is that I know math quite little... although I am 60 y.o.

All my life math was something I liked, but the internet opened many doors of knowledge for me, including math.

Do not be misled : Algebra, Logariths and second power equations (ax^2 +bx+c=0) and verbal questions is the stuff I know very well. I know it much better than other regular person on the street, but not higher subject in math.

Derivatives: I have a plan to study in near future. I have a feeling that it is very interesting. But I am still young. 60 y.o ...

Although my knowledge in math is very limited , I have a passion to study. This bring me to many math sites. Some of them are beyond my understanding. Some are very nice. I bookmark many of then, for the time when I get retired.

So, I found today you site very intersing, beaitiful and neat. This impression I have got after 10 minutes viewing your site. I am sure that I will visit your site a lot in the near future.

All the best,

Moshe maor.

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  1. Why not all the people are like him?.. For some reason I think that the world would be a better place if more people would enjoy learning new stuff at such age.

    He is lucky to live in Israel. It is possible to study here at any age, if you have money..

  2. Hi Sol

    I am also getting a bunch of “mature” readers – people who have retired, but have a strong interest in mathematics (like the 83 year-old Netherlander mentioned in one of my newsletters).

    I expect there are going to be many more of such people as the baby boomers retire in their droves, and need brain food.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Zac,

    It’s nice to hear from you and it’s pretty cool that the mature readers are finding us.

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