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Math cheat sheets on the web

While surfing the web I discovered this very cool 10 page Math cheat sheet!

Read this doc on Scribd: Math cheat sheet - by Dr Seiden

You can download the PDF file here.

Scoring this gem led me to wonder if there were other Math cheat sheets. In particular, I was looking for concise lists of formulas for various subjects. PDF was my first choice for file type.

The best source I found was Paul's Online Math Notes, which has algebra, trig, and calculus cheat sheets.

And, Amazon has this silly Math Cheat Sheet T-Shirt:
Math cheat sheet t-shirt

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  1. We had pretty cool math cheat shirts when I was an undergrad. They were the same front and back, only the front was printed upside-down so you could easily read it while wearing. 🙂 The back was for the benefit of the person behind you, of course.

  2. Hi i love your blog. I also have a great blog, if you want to trade links in your blogroll let me know. My link is http://www.seriouslyfunnyvideos.com

  3. @Mathmom: The benefit of the back of the shirt is clever!

    @Ray: Sorry, I only add Math blogs to my blogroll.

  4. The standard ‘math cheat sheet’ used by many engineers is the book “CRC Standard Mathematical Tables”. A little pricey these days, but it’s an invaluable resource. I have used it mainly for integrals, and sometimes for trig identities.

  5. Hi Will,

    Nice to see you here. Sure, the CRC Math tables is useful, but there’s something cool to me about reducing the Math you need to know for a course to a small number of sheets of paper. That, to me, is the fun of a cheat sheet. I guess that those who can afford Mathematica would use that instead of the CRC book but the book is useful for the rest of us.

  6. ur page sux make it 2 where u can get answers 4 eraser dog worksheets, all the answers

  7. Thanks for the information. I like the silly Math Cheat Sheet T-Shirt,

  8. Very cool T-shirts indeed

  9. In my search of a cheat sheet for Circles (for my students), I have come across several sites. Paul’s online Notes was awesome, especially because it lists ‘common mistakes’. eCalc.com has nice cheat sheets as well. In fact, I distributed them to the fellow teachers in school. …. I’m still searching for a Circles cheat sheet… That’s how I came across this blog.

  10. Another suggestion – http://www.calcxyz.com/ – Easy to use resource for students and parents to convert between metric and other units quickly.

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