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Uncountably many errors in Texas Math books

I'm in the mood for some "light" writing so I thought I'd report this ...

The Bad Astronomy blog posted an article last November about reviewers of Texas Math books finding 109,623 errors among the books they reviewed. Houghton Mifflin, publisher of the books containing the majority of the errors - 86,026 of them, is tasked with correcting the mistakes by spring or paying a $5,000 fine for each one that remains when the books "go live" in classrooms this fall. An article in the Dallas Morning News gives more dirt.

One error noted was the inclusion of answers to problems in some books that should only have appeared in the teacher editions. There were also language translation errors and errors in computation.

How did Houghton Mifflin commit over 86,000 errors in textbooks? How was that possible?

This story reminds me of the joke about health books: "Don't believe everything you read in books about health; you might die of a misprint." I hope Houghton Mifflin isn't writing software to fly airplanes any time soon.

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  1. UNCOUNTABLY MANY???? Ummm then what is the 109,623? If you think the mistakes in the math books are bad, you should read the ones in Texas History. They had (3+2i)! mistakes. … Everything is bigger in Texas

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