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It’s pi day!

Today is March 14th, or 3/14 as Americans write dates. Think that pi is roughly 3.14 and you'll see why today is Pi Day.

Denise at Let's Play Math does a superb job of writing about this special day. She's got a Pi poem, lots of links to pi-related pages and even a hokey but very funny mathematical pi song.

Math Mom is also commemorating this special day with some ideas about how to celebrate the day. Plus, there are other ideas in the comments of Math Mom's post.

Dave Marain at MathNotations writes about "The Best Pi Quiz on the Web?"

Zac, at SquareCircleZ, has TWO posts relevant to Pi Day, one with some clips from the 1998 movie, Pi, and some Math tips in today's IntMath Newsletter.

Jonathan, at jd2718, stirred up some conversation about the day as well, with some fun comments to his request for ideas on what to do for Pi Day.

Walking Randomly has a fantastic post about the day, complete with pi-related demonstrations from the Wolfram Demonstration Project. Very clever post idea!

The 360 Blog has a great Pi Day comic!

Andree at Meeyauw is hosting the Teacher Potluck Carnival Pi Day Edition.

Maria at the Homeschool Math Blog has a link to a YouTube video where you can "listen to" Pi. Interesting.

If you don't get a chance to celebrate Pi day today you can always celebrate Pi "Bad Approximation" Day anytime next week 🙂

Have I missed your Pi Day blog post? If so, let me know, and I'll update this post with a reference to your post.

[ Update: 3/15/08. Mr. K posted about why Pi Day makes no sense. ]

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  1. This is somewhat contrarian, but I wrote a post about why 3/14 is an inappropriate choice for Pi day and advocating for April 26 instead.

  2. Everyone likes a slice of Pi on pi day, unfortunately us Brit’s with our archaic style of dating will never experience such a day in full. tis sad 🙁

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