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Slow Sol

I wanted to state what some of you may have been noticing: My rate of posting has decreased, posts have been more superficial, and I've been slow to respond to comments. Life has been busier than I expected, with important life matters and paid short-term project work filling a significant percent of my time. The slowness may last several weeks. I'm not dropping this blog as I enjoy the value that I give and receive through this community. I may not get to do a significant post until early next week. Stay tuned for the Blinkdagger contest post Monday, and for my next contest the first Monday of April. Also, do subscribe to my mailing list to get Math Bite emails with interesting little Math tidbits.

In upcoming posts I'll share a very nice alternative approach to the Monday Math Madness contest I received and I'll review an outstanding Geometry book for those of you who want a real work out when doing Geometry.

I'm also going to experiment with doing some short posts that tell you about what other Math bloggers are writing about to keep the momentum moving. And, if any of you would like to write some guest posts to bring some attention to your blogs I'm very open to that possibility.

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  1. Quality > quantity

    For my personal math absorption level, I am impressed with the math links you post here and in your newsletter. I have hundreds of math bookmarks, and yet a significant majority of your links are new to me.

    So, Thanks!

  2. Ted,

    Thanks for the acknowledgment. I monitor lots of Math-related web-sites and get lots of Math-related Google alters and surf the web A LOT and only post a small fraction of what I find to the blog or newsletter.

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