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I’ve been memed: “7 things about me you’d not likely guess”

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a non-Math post ...

It's Saturday night here, I was just memed by Robert at Reason-4-Smile, I don't feel like doing any productive work so I'll answer the meme and launch it further into the blogosphere.

The meme asks me to give a link to the person who meme'd me, to tell 7 interesting things about me, and to then pass the meme on. I interpreted the meme to mean that I should tell things that you're not likely to guess. Here goes:

1. I was born in South America: Montevideo, Uruguay to be exact. I'm fluent in Spanish, my native language.

2. I am an amateur Olympic-style weight lifter. I snatched 45 kg and clean-and-jerked 53 kg in the last fun meet at the gym. I can front squat 75 kg - that's more than I weigh. (I'm also getting into rock climbing.)

3. I took a year off from college and served as an English teacher in a very rural high school in South Korea. At the time, I spoke a decent amount of Korean.

4. I love to ferment things. I make kombucha, sauerkraut, fermented fruits and veggies.

5. I once solved Rubik's cube in 1 minute and 42 seconds when I was in high school.

6. I've owned three poodles in my life. As smart as poodle are, none of them were able to do Calculus in 4th grade.

7. In high school, in the late '70s, I worked at a check cashing establishment in the South Bronx, think "scary neighborhood", which was around the corner from the police station that was made famous by the movie Fort Apache The Bronx. There were lots of burnt out buildings and seedy characters.

I'm tagging the following folks to keep the meme moving:

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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  1. Meme it is! Any chance you went on the fubar scholarship for the korean english teaching trip?

  2. Hey Sol, can’t believe you were staying in Asia before =) do you like it over there?
    you seems to be an adventurous person too! =)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sol , I am wqork taking a MATH break, lol , didnt know you had me on this list, lets see what I can do if your are still interested


  4. Thanks for the tag! I just posted my seven things here.

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