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Happenings in the Math blogosphere

Here are some interesting recent Math-related posts in the "blathosphere."

Carnival of Mathematics 29 is out at Quomodocumque. The Number Warrior will be hosting the next Carnival on April 4.

You have only a couple more days to get your solutions in for the second Monday Math Madness at Blinkdagger.

The 360 blog shows several ways to make rectangular blankets from squares and blankets.

dy/dan has a post about how to engage students in Math using Styrofoam cups!

I Don't Care ... Math! has a post linking to a web-site that tells you all you'd ever want to know about using an abacus.

Let's play math! has an interesting and simple-sounding puzzle about brothers and sisters.

Mathematics Under the Microscope points us to an absolutely fascinating article, A Mathematician's Lament, that asks what would happen if mathematics were taught as art is taught - with a focus on play, enjoyment, and discovery.

SquareCircleZ gets us thinking about the Math of Easter dates.

Vlorbik on Math Ed points us to a great blog post on the zeta function for beginners.

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  1. Interesting collection of articles to visit. Thanks for sharing.
    We’re making a foray into the “math blogosphere” this Friday with this post.

  2. Welcome to the blathosphere!

  3. I like those fibonacci blankets! I’m pretty new to the math blogosphere myself, but am looking for math teachers or homeschooling parents who have some experience with math curriculum in elementary schools. I’d consider you, Sol, as a professional on the subject and would be keen to hear your thoughts, positive or negative about my site, mathworksheetwizard.com. I’m pretty much finished with kindergarten math worksheets, and am about to start on elementary material. I’m not a math teacher, though, so if you think I’m heading in the wrong direction, please let me know! 🙂

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