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Monday Math Madness #5

Monday Math Madness!

Wow! We're on our fifth contest already! Time flies.

For this contest we have a new prize: The Art of Problem Solving folks have donated several $25 gift certificates that can be used in their bookstore. These folks do an outstanding job of challenging and inspiring kids to learn Math. Check out their website if you haven't already. I'll give away either one or two certificates, depending on how many correct solutions we receive.

This problem may be challenging for some but I encourage you to view this problem as an exploration and to look for patterns that will help you to solve it. I picked this exploration-friendly problem in honor of the folks donating the prize; Art of Problem Solving is all about Math exploration.


Monday Math Madness #4 winner announced!

Monday Math Madness winner

Blinkdagger has announced two winners! They got 103 submissions and gave away two prizes!

Stay tuned to Wild About Math! for a new contest Monday. If I get more than 50 submissions I'll give away two prizes as well! This new prize is one Math lovers will appreciate. Check back here on Monday!


New Monday Math Madness contest #5 coming up

On Monday I'll be hosting the next Monday Math Madness contest. The current contest, hosted at Blinkdagger, got a whopping 103 submissions but only 37 of these were correct. So, this problem ended up being trickier than expected. Blinkdagger should be announcing their winner soon and on Monday I've got a new problem for everyone.


Blinkdagger hosting Monday Math Madness #4

Check out Blinkdagger.

These guys had way too much fun writing up this problem. One of the things we do when we come up with these contest problems is that, when we don't make them up ourselves, we rewrite them so a Google search won't yield the answer. Quan and Daniel did an amazing job of rewriting this problem!

Anyway, head over to Blinkdagger and get going on the next problem. This one is more in their style - it's a logic problem.


We have a winner for Monday Math Madness #3

Monday Math Madness

We have a winner for the third Monday Math Madness contest. It's Johan Potums. Congratulations, Johan! I'll be contacting you about your prize.

Blinkdagger has a very interesting new contest problem that they'll be posting Monday.

Seventeen people submitted entries. Everyone got the right answer and explained their answer well. Everyone realized (or figured out) that every year does indeed have a Friday the 16th. Proofs varied but everyone used modular arithmetic to demonstrate that regardless of what day of the week the year begins on, some month will have a Friday the 16th.


A hard but fascinating Math problem

I ran into the following problem in a contest problem book. I won't reveal the source until later. I was not able to solve this problem and even though the solution is in the back of the book so I know how to solve it now, I'd like to see if anyone can solve this in an elegant and intuitive way and maybe even show how the author might have invented this problem.

There's no prize for solving this, but I will publish all solutions and give link love to all solvers, and I will give special kudos to anyone who can help me to see why the interesting property shown in this problem is true.


Monday Math Madness contest #3 ending soon

If you've not gotten your entry in for contest #3 you've only got through Monday night to do so. We've only gotten 10 correct submissions for this contest so far, so your chances of winning the prize are better than they were for the last contest.


The future of Google?

Those of you who are interested in search engine technology, or just want a good April Fools' Day laugh, might enjoy this post on one of my other blogs.

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Proof: all April fools’ jokes are interesting

Do you get inundated with April fools' jokes every year? They all seem interesting, don't they? Have you ever wondered if someday you'll encounter an uninteresting April fools' joke? As it turns out, all of them are interesting. Here's the proof.

This will be an indirect proof. We'll assume that there are some uninteresting April fools' jokes and we'll show a contradiction.

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