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Monday Math Madness #7

Monday Math Madness

It's time for Monday Math Madness #7. I love infinite series and I found today's infinite series problem on the web. This is one of the most interesting of these kinds of problems I have run into. It's challenging but not brutally difficult, so give it a try. I won't reveal the source until the contest ends because the answer is posted with the problem.

Thanks to the sponsors for this contest, I have one $25 gift certificate left for the Art of Problem Solving. I also have a couple of Rubik's Revolutions, courtesy of Techno Source. Depending on how many correct solutions I get I may give away two prizes.


Janet’s solution to Monday Math Madness #5

As promised, here is Janet's solution to Monday Math Madness #5.

Aside from 1 and 9, are there any perfect squares whose digits are all odd? Justify your answer.


All perfect squares two digits and larger have at least one even digit.


Warmup problems for Monday Math Madness #7

Blinkdagger has announced the winners for contest #6. A little later today I'll be posting contest #7.

In the meantime, here are a couple of warmup problems:

1. If a fish weighs one pound plus half its own weight, how much does the fish weigh? Do this problem quickly and without paper. I bet many of you won't get it right the first time. It's not a hard problem but it is tricky if you're not paying attention. Try this problem out on your friends.

2. What is interesting about each of the following pairs of numbers: (2,2) and (5/2, 5/3)?

Stay tuned for Monday Math Madness #7, later today. It's an interesting infinite series problem.


A plug for HomeschoolMathContests.com

I received an email today from a young person asking for me to link to a Math Contest resource web-site. Being a lover of Math contests myself and recognizing the value of the site, I am delighted to not just provide a link but to write this blog post about it.

Below is the email I received. (Yes, I got permission from the author to publish it.)

Note: If you have a Math-worthy site to let the world know about, send me an email at wildaboutmath at gmail. If I like it I'll post about it. Wild About Math! has a Google PageRank of 5, so if I write about your site, it'll be very good for your PageRank.


Monday Math Madness #5: We have a winner

Monday Math Madness Winner

We have a winner for MMM #5 and a new contest to be announced Monday at Blinkdagger.

We received 24 entries, one came after the deadline, so only the 23 that met the deadline were considered. All solutions were correct and well explained. Random.org picked the winner.

Congratulations, Janet! You win the $25 gift certificate to the Art of Problem Solving. They have outstanding quality Math books. I doubt you’d be disappointed with anything you buy from them.