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A plug for HomeschoolMathContests.com

I received an email today from a young person asking for me to link to a Math Contest resource web-site. Being a lover of Math contests myself and recognizing the value of the site, I am delighted to not just provide a link but to write this blog post about it.

Below is the email I received. (Yes, I got permission from the author to publish it.)

Note: If you have a Math-worthy site to let the world know about, send me an email at wildaboutmath at gmail. If I like it I'll post about it. Wild About Math! has a Google PageRank of 5, so if I write about your site, it'll be very good for your PageRank.

Dear Wild About Math,

I was wondering if you would consider linking my website on your contests page.

I have created a website at HomeschoolMathContests.com with a comprehensive list of math contests which are open to individuals, homeschooled or otherwise.

In chart format, the site describes 28 math contests which are special because individuals can enter them without having to gather up a team, which can be challenging for homeschoolers to do. My website also has a state-by-state list of 150 regional meets sponsored by colleges and universities. Most of these competitions can be entered by individuals as well. I have contests for every single state in the country except for 5 states. After looking at dozens of math contest lists on the web, I have not found one as up-to-date as mine is, or with as many contests as mine has, especially contests accessible to individuals.

My site also includes a Helpful Articles page, a Curriculum Reviews page, and a free Deadline Reminder Service. We hope this site will be a help to others.


Haddon Fox
Age 9
Webmaster, www.HomeschoolMathContests.com

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  1. ProjectEuler.net

  2. this also have some good stuff too… xD it’s like I’m doing advertisement of my own site.. but it is decent stuff..

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