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Submissions for MMM #13 due by tonight

If you're going to submit a problem for MMM #13 and maybe win an awesome calculator from TI, you'd better hurry; they're due in another 12 hours! When "time California" on Google says it's 12:01 Tuesday morning, they're due.

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“I will derive” hilarious YouTube video

Math can be fun. Really!

Check out this video.


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Monday Math Madness #13 – Awesome TI calculator giveaway

TI gives away cool calculator

Blinkdagger and Wild About Math! are really stirring things up for Monday Math Madness (MMM) contests #13 and 14. And, Texas Instruments is giving away a VERY cool calculator (keep reading for more about the calculator), they'll ship it internationally, plus we'll allow anyone to win - even if you've won a prize in the MMM contest before. So, we expect submissions from everyone on the planet!

What's different about the next two contests?

So, what are we doing differently? Well, we're going to ask you guys and gals to submit your favorite MMM-caliber problems. That's what you have to do be eligible to win MMM #13. We'll pick the one we like best and then use it for MMM #14.

  • If you submit the problem we pick for MMM #13 then you get one of the awesome calculators.
  • If you solve the problem we announce in MMM #14 then you get an awesome calculator.

MMM #12 at Blinkdagger – looking for more responses

It seems that Monday Math Madness #12 over at Blinkdagger is tougher than other MMM's have been. So, there haven't been many responses to date. So, your chances are higher than in previous contests of winning -- if you can solve the problem!

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