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Now that the MMM #20 submission deadline is past …

In the next few days, Quan and Daniel will be picking a random winner for MMM #20 over at Blinkdagger. We received 20 solutions. What's very interesting to me is that, of those 20, two people were able to solve the problem without using trigonometry. Here's a hint, can you tell if the center piece of the pie is bigger than either of the edge pieces without computing the exact area of any of the pieces? It's too late to submit an entry if you haven't already, so my question is just for fun. Leave a comment on this post if you see an easy way to solve the problem.

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  1. Not sure why mm20 wasn’t posted here .. if it had i would’ve participated

  2. Of course, you’re right! And it’s very easy in fact. Stupid I didn’t think of it before…

    I won’t explain it in detail in case some of you still want to think about it. But you just have to give a reason why the center piece is smaller than one third of the total pie…

    Congratulations to the 2 people who solved it this way (or is there still another reasoning?)!

  3. Hm, yes maybe Sol and us should start cross posting every monday to get maximum exposure for this contest. We should start doing that!

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