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If you have a Math-related web-site or blog …

I'd like to spread some holiday cheer. If you have a web-site that is predominantly Math-related and mostly non-commercial - a few ads are ok if you have lots of good content and aren't mainly a money-making site - then let's consider an article or blogroll swap.

Here's what I have in mind:

  • You leave me a comment on this blog post with your blog or web-site address. You also leave your email address but only I will see it.
  • I look at your site. If it meets my two criteria - mostly Math-related and mostly non-commercial - then I'll write to you.
  • You write a one or two paragraph review of my site as a blog article (or a few sentences on your web-site if your site is not a blog.)
  • I, in turn, write a short review of your site. I will clearly identify in my little article that I'm doing this as an exchange so that my article is not construed as an endorsement of your site. I invite you to do the same.
  • I link to your site and you link to mine.
  • We each pick the anchor text we would like the other to use in linking to one another's site. Don't worry if you don't know what that means.
  • If you would like to do a blogroll exchange and not an article exchange, I'm fine with that. We could certainly also do both.

Why am I offering exchanges? I'm interested in getting more links, more readers and more traffic to my site and I'd like to educate readers about other Math sites.

Consider that Wild About Math! has a Google PageRank of 5, which is pretty decent and that this blog has over 600 RSS readers. An article and a link would serve us both well.

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  1. Sol, this sounds like a good idea. Have a look at my site and let me know.

  2. I am interested. My blog also contains some Finnish culture and more puzzles than pure math but you can decide 🙂

  3. Hi Leena,

    Your blog has the right “attitude” about Math and your puzzles are great. Let’s exchange reviews.

  4. Hi there. Good idea on the link exchange. I am head of a mathematics department, faculty for teacher education on a Norwegian University College. I have been following your blog for a while and like it a lot. Have read a lot of your posts as well as using quite a few of the links in your blogroll. My blog is not that developed yet, with just over thousand hits, but it’s up and coming. I have linked to the mathematics tag, as the rest might not be too interesting for everyone. Happy new year and cheerio!

  5. Dan – I like your blog and it fits the criteria. Let’s exchange reviews, or links, or both.

  6. Øistein,

    Nice blog! Yes, I’m up for an exchange.

  7. Neat idea. I don’t know if my qualifies, because it’s about equally about teaching and math, but i’ll give it a go!


  8. Sam – Of course your blog qualifies. Maybe I should change the criteria to say “if you blog a lot about Math …” If your blog has a math category or tag, I’d link to that in my review/link. If not, I’d link to the whole blog.

  9. Hi Sol!
    My blog is mainly about mathematics education, or rather research in mathematics education, but it might qualify even though?


  10. Reidar,

    I love your blog. Let’s exchange mini-reviews and blogroll links.

  11. Hi,
    Do you consider blogs in Spanish language?
    My blog is about puzzles , most of them related with maths , maybe some of your readers can manage with spanish language.

  12. Jose,

    Porque no? Yo naci en Uruguay y hablo espanol. Para mi no hay problema con un blog de matematicas en espanol.

  13. I really enjoy the content that you bring to my RSS feed of math websites. I am a teacher that enjoys bringing the world of Web 2.0 into the mathematics classroom.

  14. Chris – Great blog! I’m a computer programmer and lover of Math too. And, I absolutely LOVE your blog’s banner. Awesome art. Yes, let’s exchange mini-reviews and blogroll links and get each of us more readers.

  15. I’m keen. My blog is for middle school, and trys to be practical.

  16. A good and noble idea.

    Take a look at my blog. I think I’ve already added you, but if not let me know.


  17. NS – Thanks. I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.

  18. Hey Sol!

    If you’re including blogs already on your blogroll, we’d be happy to do an exchange! If you’re limiting this to newer blogs, that’s fine too — I’m looking forward to reading these in either case!

  19. Simon – Nice blog. Yes, let’s exchange!

    Heather – Yeah, let’s review one another’s blog.

  20. Well I have a new mathematics-related blog (brand new, started in ’09), but it doesn’t have enough on it yet to be worth you looking at.

    Maybe if you do another one of these in a few weeks it might have enough posts to be worth a look for you.

  21. GB – Congrats on the birth of your new blog! I plan to do mini review exchanges on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable basis. When you have 20 articles let me know and let’s do an exchange then.

  22. Sol,
    I enjoy your blog and have already linked my site back to your blog. Here is the link
    If you want me to change it or add different anchor text let me know. If you would visit my site and considering linking to it that would be great. If you would consider featuring it on one of your articles on the blogs that would be fantastic! Please review the site and email me. Thanks, Mike Theodore

  23. Hello: loving this blog, and I like your proposal. I mostly blog about middle school math teaching, with lots student generated ideas in the mix. If it works, let’s go for it.

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