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Mr. Higgins’ Blog mini review

Mr. Higgins' Blog

Chris Higgins plays in the fields of Math, Computer Science, and Web 2.0 as do I. So, I already like the man. Chris is a Math and Comp Sci teacher, and owner of Mr. Higgins' Blog.

The first thing I notice about Mr. Higgins blog is the very engaging use of images and videos. Text by itself can be so unappealing. (Yes, I'm learning!) And, I've fallen in love with the banner on his site.

Here are some posts on his blog that I enjoyed:

Fooling the Brain. A fun optical illusion, reminiscent of the spinning girl post on my blog.

High School Math and Web 2.0. Mr. Higgins' Math students create class blogs and fall in love with a YouTube video about the quadratic formula.

Plan for 2008-2009 School Year. Math and Web 2.0 intersect. Wow!

Although I had a lot of fun in Math classes while growing, we didn't have computers in the classroom back then and the Web didn't exist then. I do remember entering programs into a mainframe computer via a teletype machine - this was in the middle and late '70s. I'm delighted to see how passionate Mr. Higgins is about combining Math and computers. I know from personal experience that the two are a VERY powerful combination.

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