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Mathematics Education Research Blog mini review

Reidar Mosvold is an Associate Professor of Math Education Research in Norway. His Blog, Mathematics Education Research Blog, is remarkably rich with references to scholarly Math education research.

Aside from the very scholarly material, here are some articles on Reidar's blog that may be of interest to a broader audience:

Reidar writes prolifically for his blog. One could not possibly keep up with all of his posts so I recommend skimming his posts, or searching the blog, for particular information. Or engage Reidar in a conversation about Math education.

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  1. Tao has a blog: Terry Tao which has both stuff way over my head, and stuff right at my level.

    It took me 3 minutes to realize what the “calibrating exponents” post was about – great stuff, immediately translatable to not only my level, but to my students’ as well.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog thanks!

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