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The cheap researcher blog mini review

Øistein Gjøvik is a "33-year old, working within teacher education in Norway" according to The cheap researcher's About page. Øistein, according to his blog's tag cloud, blogs about all sorts of things; the Math tag, however, is oversized so that proves definitively that Øistein likes to blog about Math. Øistein also likes to have fun with his writing; his posts entertain.

Here are some posts over at "The cheap research" blog that I enjoyed:

The cheap researcher is a refreshing blog for those of us that can take ourselves a little too seriously at times. Enjoy!

[If you have a Math-related web-site, or if you blog a lot about Math, and if you’re site isn’t mainly commercial, let’s exchange mini reviews like this one. You review my site, or mention it in one of your posts, and I’ll do the same for you. And, let’s also exchange blogroll links. See this post if you’re interested in a review swap.]

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