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Math contest at MathNotations

Dave Marain at MathNotations asked me to spread the word about a contest he's running and I'm happy to oblige.

Here's a piece of the email Dave sent me:

I'm running a math contest for HS and MS students on Tue Feb 3rd. I've announced it online and have gotten a few replies but I'd like to reach a larger audience. If you could mention it on your widely read blog, I would appreciate it. Here's the link giving all the info: http://mathnotations.blogspot.com/2009/01/first-mathnotations-math-contest.html

This is a different kind of contest because it has some multi-part questions and at least one part requires a detailed explanation. Students work as a team (up to six) and have up to 90 minutes to work on the questions and compose their answers/solutions. The sponsor will email the solutions to me. Students will receive Certificates of Participation and Merit (for top-scoring schools).

I will not publish all these questions on my blog so if readers want to see them they will have to participate or email me after the contest is over.

Dave comes up with good problems that really foster investigation. I think many students would enjoy the collaborative aspect of solving problems in teams. Please do check out what Dave is offering.

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