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MMM #31: Not very complex

The solution to MMM #30 is up at Blinkdagger. Here we go with #31.

Hint: The solution to the problem is a real number. Show your work.


Cool calculator contest – We have a winner!

Last month TI and I announced a contest whereby TI was giving away a couple of TI-Nspire CAS state-of-the-art computer algebra system calculators.

Well, response was quite underwhelming, to say the least. We had one entry and, fortunately, I really liked it so ... drum role, please ... Zane Montgomery is the winner of the Cool Calculator Contest!!! Zane, Congratulations! Please send me your mailing address so that I can get you your cool calculator!


MMM #29: We have a winner!

Andreas Albert was selected by Random.org as the winner for this MMM. Congratulations, Albert!

Several of you turned in late entries. To be fair to everyone, I didn't consider late entries for a prize.

People generally solved the problem in one of two ways. They either used a spreadsheet or computer program to add up the 61 angles or they simplified the sum of the 61 numbers, eliminating the need to do lots of tedious arithmetic.

Kelvin Lagota provided a nice example of the second approach and he submitted a very compact and beautifully typeset solution. Check it out here.

I hope everyone has a good Easter. Blinkdagger will be posting the next MMM on Monday.

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