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Still working on reviewing MMM #37

I got submissions from eight people for this latest problem. Yes, this problem was tougher than most so I'm delighted to have gotten so many entries. I recently started work on a big software development project on a very tight schedule so I've not had the time to check each solution for correctness and that's what's delaying the announcement of winners. I'm paying one of the submitters to check all of the entries. What he'll probably do is run the algorithms against a set of numbers and confirm that they produce the expected answers. In a few days I should be ready to award some prizes.

In the meantime, you are welcome to post your solution on your personal blog if you have one. I'm always happy to link to people's blog entries but please don't ever post your solution until after submissions are due. For this particular contest I will publish all correct solutions.

Even though I'm behind in reviewing this contest I'll still post MMM #38 tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

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