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MMM #37: Prize #1

I'm going to give a number of $10 prizes for MMM #37. Here's the first to Alec Cooper for his very elegant solution. I paid Alec to look through all the submissions to determine which were correct. Most were. I'll be giving a prize to everyone who turned in a correct solution and I'll be publishing each of them as well, one or two per posting. No, I won't be giving double prizes to folks who solved both problems.

Alec solved both problems and even sent me some Java code that performs the second algorithm.

Here are Alec's solutions.

Here's part 1:

And, here's part 2:

Stay tuned for more postings of solutions and more prizes.

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  1. At least for the first part it is the same as mine here: http://watchmath.com/vlog/?p=814

    For the second part, the formula of mine (and also his) are too ugly and I have no mood to check it :).

  2. Say, what is the rate at which the solutions will be posted?

  3. I’ll do 1 one 2 solutions per post and a post every day or so. I’ll post yours next.

  4. I just found Today that your spiral has another interesting property: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulam_spiral

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