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Crewton Ramone teaches multiplication with manipulatives

Crewton Ramone's Blog of Math has a couple of videos that show the power of using manipulatives to do multiplication. I've always been pretty decent at multiplication yet I enjoyed seeing how manipulatives can really help students to get grounded into what multiplication really means. His videos demystify the cross-multiplication tricks that I and others present. And, Crewton does a great job of showing how to do visual multiplication using symbols so you don't need need to even buy any manipulatives. For small kids, it's great because they get to turn multiplication into counting! And, best of all, Crewton has a nice enthusiasm about teaching the basics to kids as you'll see if you peruse his blog.



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  1. Very cool videos. Geez, I wish this stuff was around when I was learning multiplication. At least I wouldn’t have to listen to my boring teacher. Thanks for sharing.

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