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Cool caption crafting contest

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I'll give $20 as an Amazon gift card (or PayPal cash) to whoever, in my opinion, comes up with the best caption for the image below. Click on the image to gain the full, mind-boggling, effect. The small piece of the image you see here doesn't do the picture justice.

Leave your submission as a comment and make sure to put your email in the email field of the comment form so I can contact you if I like your caption best.

Contest ends 12/31/2009. Have fun!

Hat tip to Cliff Pickover for the tweet pointing to the image.

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  1. “Who took my ladder?”

  2. “SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH. mathematician at work!!!”

  3. meryy christmas and happy new year to everyone

  4. “Now you write while I talk for the rest of the semester ladies”

  5. Armani tie: $50
    CERN Grant for proving the Higgs Boson particle: $2,000,000
    Waiting for prof to figure out who stole his car keys: Priceless

  6. All right, which smart-ass yelled “Lucky guess”?

  7. It’s called the Drooling and Slobbering Grand Unification Theory and represents the culmination of 2.4 x 10^5 man hours of mathematical diligence.

    We’re not sure yet of exactly what it means, but it does cause a lot of drooling and slobbering.

  8. “Have an extra blacboard, anyone?”

  9. Ah, Professor…will this be on the test?

  10. “Welcome to first day of Math 101”

  11. “Digitize notes with ‘Sujatha Smart Board’ – $12,000 ONLY.”

  12. Now that we have finished reviewing your high school pre-calculus work, we will move on to a more advanced topic.

  13. I know the contest is over, but I have a few more:

    “That’s a dumb question!”

    “You do the math.”

    “Someone please copy this down for Susie who is out sick today.”

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