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Winner: Cool caption crafting contest

Happy New Year Everyone!

A week before Christmas I posted a contest asking folks to come up with the best caption for this picture (click to enlarge.)

Well, I got 63 submissions and I had the tough job of picking the one I liked most. What I did was read each caption and mentally note how hard I laughed. Scientific approach, wasn't it?

I laughed hardest at JJC's submission so he or she gets the $20 Amazon gift card:

Welcome to Undergrad Physics in One Semester. I don’t expect you to understand anything on the board, just the Calc behind it.

Here are a bunch of the other submissions that cracked me up:

"Any questions?" - by Anais

…and that wraps up #2. Any questions? Good. Numbers 3 to 10 for homework. Careful, #7 is less straightforward. - by John Golden

Now we’ll look at some exceptions… - by Surreal Numbers

“Pop Quiz! What number did I leave out? You have 15 minutes. Begin.” - by Anais

So, as I said, it’s obvious. - by John Golden

“Um, I’m sorry professor, but I think you made a mistake in line one.” - by Cha

“I know most of you have heard this class is an easy A…” - by Anais

Its not like its rocket science! - by Michelle Hopkins

Yes, this will be on the test! - by Carol

Dang, I hate having to teach my Western Civ. class immediately after one of Dr. Euler’s lectures. - by ARJ

Tuition: $2000
Laptop: $1200
Books: $300
Enough paper & pencil to write all this down: $15
Having a professor with go-go-gadget-arms: priceless
- by Mrs. Fuller

… With me so far? Cool! - by Nikhil

Armani tie: $50
CERN Grant for proving the Higgs Boson particle: $2,000,000
Waiting for prof to figure out who stole his car keys: Priceless - by Renae

Now that we have finished reviewing your high school pre-calculus work, we will move on to a more advanced topic. - by Mike Theodore

Anais submitted so many "honorable mentions" that I'll send her a $10 Amazon gift card.

Great job, everyone!

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