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Mini review: One Wolf HOWLS

A while ago I was contacted by Sylvan Dell Publishing, asking me if I'd be willing to review one of their books. The company publishes science and Math books for children. I didn't think that Wild About Math! wouldn't be a particularly good match for a review since my audience is older than Sylvan Dell's audience. I don't accept books for review that I don't think are appropriate for this blog. I explained this to the publisher and they were still interested in my proceeding with reviewing one of their books.

I hadn't heard of Sylvan Dell Publishing before they contacted me so I spent some time perusing their web-site. What caught my attention on their site was an interview with the owners of the company, Donna and Lee German. Lee had retired from the Navy and started a business to publish children's books. Wow! I'm always impressed when people make such major life changes. Reading the interview made me feel at home with the "spirit" of the company and I felt good about helping to promote their business even though their target audience doesn't mesh with mine.

I must make the disclaimer that I'm not at all qualified to review children's books, hence the "mini review" reference in the title. But, I love wolves and one of Sylvan Dell's books is "One Wolf HOWLS." I asked for a copy of that book to review. I have a neighbor with a small child and the book will go to the boy once I finish my review.

One Wolf HOWLS is a counting book. Children can practice counting to 12 by counting the number of wolves in each scene. The scenes are absolutely beautifully illustrated and each scene has a little story describing it for young readers.

A nice feature of this book is the educational material in the back of the book. There's information about how wolves communicate, why they howl, how they use eye contact, and what wolves signal with their tails and ears. There are wolf fun facts, wolf life cycle information, plus information on hunting behavior and about how wolves are endangered.

I found the book to be very engaging even if I can count to 12 easily! I bet it will appeal to lots of children.

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  1. I can see why they would be interested in your reviewing the book still. You never know who reads what. There are times when I end up picking up a book meant for children and I can still enjoy it. I even saw my mother reading a children’s book while we were waiting for the service tech to finish up the oil change on my car. You just never know who your audience will be.

  2. Thanks again for the review! We’re so glad you enjoyed it. Children’s books are fun for everyone!

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