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Rhythm, Rhyme, Results: rapping about Math for Pi Day

[ Editor's Note:

Taunia from "Rhythm, Rhyme, Results" wrote to me asking if I'd blog about her education site. The site sells fun educational music and, in particular, has some Math songs in their Pi Day Collection. I wrote back letting Taunia know that I rarely plug commercial sites but I liked what her company was doing (luring students to Math with rap music) so I'd give her a plug on two conditions:

  1. She sends me a couple of sample songs so that I feel good about what I'm listening to.
  2. She writes a guest article for Wild About Math! I emphasized that the guest article should be educational in nature and not at all "salesy."

Well, I liked what I heard and here is Taunia's soapbox. ]

Greetings from Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

While researching different math blogs and sites online, we came across “Wild About Math!” and decided to say hello since our educational goals are quite similar. At educationalrap.com we strive to make math (and all academics, actually) fun and creative. And like a lot of math folks out there, we’re celebrating Pi Day on March 14th.

Rhythm, Rhyme, Results (educationalrap.com) is spread out on both US coasts. Our network of collaborators spans across the country, so we’ve come up with a workflow that works for us. We start by picking topics that are required by state assessment standards, and compare those to topics requested specifically by teachers. After researching and outlining a song topic, we then either write the lyrics ourselves or hire a lyricist. We have one artist who composes, writes lyrics, and performs, but most of the time we use a number of artists for every song.

We’re often asked how the artist and musicians feel about creating “educational” music. We’ve been pleasantly surprised about this–professional MCs love it! It’s a unique challenge for them to turn educational outlines into lyrics and they seem to like the resulting songs. There is one caveat: a few of our best rappers actually use an alias for the work they do with us to keep their own careers separated. We have two artists in particular who have written and performed songs with worldwide acclaim, but no one knows who they are. You can hear them on “44 Presidents” and “Demand, Supply”.

We often create “collections” that help teachers, students, and parents focus on a particular subject or educational holiday. For instance, we currently have a “Pi Day Collection” which showcases geometry, surface area, and circumference. Kids can memorize formulas by recalling lyrics to rap songs. It’s been extremely well received and we’re excited to be offering an alternative and creative approach to learning.

One of the most exciting parts about our company is networking with other educators and academics. We meet many wonderful people that we maintain great relationships with, and are happy to be included as part of a new and creative way of teaching. Thanks for letting us say hello, and Happy Pi Day!

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  1. Hi Sol,

    Thank you so much for posting this. It’s been great communicating with you, and I really enjoy this blog. We appreciate that you made an exception for us. 🙂

    Happy Pi Day, everyone!

    Taunia / RRR /educationalrap.com

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