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Pi Day Challenge

[ Editor's Note: Alex Cook is involved in a "Pi Day Challenge" that involves solving 28 puzzles. Alex sent me the following email which I'm forwarding for your enjoyment. Yes, Pi Day was Sunday but the festivities continue! ]

Hello Fellow Math Enthusiasts!

My name is Alex Cook, and I want to let you know about a project I am working on called the Pi Day Challenge.

First off, this project is not exactly my project - it is a project of Matthew Plummer's, a high school teacher from Hanover, MA - I am helping with some of the logistics!

Starting in 2003, Matthew Plummer started creating "Puzzles" on the computer for students. The puzzles were math and logic based. These puzzles were compiled together, put on his school's web site (hanoverschools.org), and then launched on Pi Day (March 14th). The objective was to go through each of the puzzles and make it to the end.

Last year in 2009, I connected with Matt, and offered to help him built a site out of the Challenge, and thus PiDayChallenge.com was born.

Here are some interesting stats!

  • The Pi Day Challenge contains 28 puzzles
  • Over 25,000 people from 102 countries around the World have visited the site
  • As of 3/16 at 10:57 AM est, 47,230 puzzles have been solved!
  • 2,323 people have connected through Facebook to share their progress with friends
  • Of the registered users, 4.24% (99 people) have completed all 28 puzzles ("Genius" level)

Teachers all over are using the Pi Day Challenge as an extra credit assignment.

We would love to get the word out to more mathematics enthusiasts. Take the Pi Day Challenge at www.pidaychallenge.com/take-the-challenge.

If you have any questions, ideas, or complaints, you can email me at alex ATSIGN pidaychallenge YES_A_DOT com.