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[ Editor's note: Jim, of the Math Intervention Blog took me up on my offer to promote sites I feel good about. Here is Jim's intro to his blog. ]

Thanks Sol for helping all of us spread the word about our contributions to math teaching and learning! Our blog, Math Intervention Blog, is a forum for thinking together about teaching and learning math, with special attention to supporting students who are struggling. And unfortunately there continues to be a lot of them.

We are tutors and developers of math intervention materials and offer teacher development programs. We are concerned with how math is too often taught. When we go into schools to do workshops, we see active teachers explaining and modeling and passive students (listening and understanding?). These lessons are filled with special math language. Gaps are created in what the students hear and understand. Teachers are trying to give them a fish, not teaching them to fish.

The approach we take and you can see throughout our blog, is guided student discovery. We have posts that describe the process and "Problems of the Week" with solutions that model it. For instance, rather than explaining the solution to our weekly problems, we provide a "guided solution," questions that guide student discovery of the concept or procedure, or why pi has to be some number between 3 and 4 - in other words, teaching them to fish. We found that guiding students with good materials and good questions works just as well with those who need help as with those who are “getting it.”

What are you thinking about? Let us know how the posts and problems strike you. And again, thanks Sol.

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