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A few odds and ends

Here are a few items that don't each warrant its own post.

  1. I'll be hosting the next Carnival of Mathematics (#66) on June 4th. If you're new to Blog Carnivals you can read about them here and here. The current Carnival of Mathematics is hosted at Maxwell's Demon. You can submit an article for the next Carnival of Mathematics by clicking on the orange button here. The idea is that through blog carnivals you can promote your blog and put your Math articles in front of a bunch of readers. There's no restriction on whether your article is very basic or very advanced. It's all good.
  2. I've gotten some responses but not very many to my post about reviewing Math books on your blog. As an example of what kinds of books I get, here are the books in my pile that I still need to review:

    * Cows in the Maze by Ian Stewart
    * Secret Language by Barry Blake
    * How to Read Historical Mathematics by Benjamin Wardhaugh
    * 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math by Zev, Segal, and Levy
    * Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks by G. Patrick Vennebush

    These are not dry books. They're fun books! If you're interested in reviewing books and you have an established Math or related blog, check out this post and follow the instructions there.

  3. The Math 2.0 Interest Group puts on great webcasts. I need to review the site as its own post but just last night the group hosted the creator of the very popular Cut The Knot website, Alexander Bogomolny. You can listen to the recording here.

That's it for now.

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  1. Hi Sol

    Thanks for hosting next months carnival. Just to let you know, I wrote a ‘What is a maths carnival’ article a while back which you may find useful.



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