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Sneaking Math into children’s diets

[ Editor's note: This is a guest post by Caroline Mukisa, who took me up on my offer to promote web-sites that are non-commercial (or that are slightly commercial but have tons of great free content. ]

Caroline Mukisa is on a mission to help parents to support their childrens Math learning and is a big fan of sneaking math into children's (and parent's) diets. She blogs as the Maths Insider.

This blog post is the culmination of a fight; a really big fight. You see when Sol invited me to guest post on Wild About Math! I took it as an opportunity to seize possession of the big, shiny, blue book my 10 year old had kept hidden away for the past 6 months so that she wouldn't have to share it with her brother, The Guinness Book of World Records.

Following the liberation of the big, shiny, blue book, her brother wasn't going to just let me take it and read it for research purposes, he wanted it and he wasn't giving up without a fight. He even brought in reinforcements, his 2 little brothers. Guinness World Records 2010, you see, still has thousands of extreme facts but also has thousands of photos of the biggest, fastest, smallest, loudest and more, so even my pre-numerate 18 month old wanted to take a look.

I did win the battle (OK I took it back while they were sleeping) and present below 10 math questions using fascinating facts from Guinness World Records 2010. Answers at my blog.

Just warming up

  • The country with the lowest life expectancy is Zambia with an average life expectancy of 41 years, and Andorra has the highest life expectancy at 83 years, how much longer do Andorrans live on average than Zambians?

Try these to start with

  • The fastest time to type the alphabet was 7 seconds exactly, by Nick Watson(UK). How many letters per second on average is this?
  • The longest recorded duration for balancing on one foot is 76 hr 40 min by Arulanantham Suresh Joachim (Sri Lanka). How long is this in days, hours and minutes?
  • The largest sandwich weighed 2,467.5 kg and was made by Wild Woody's Chill and Grill, Roseville, Michigan, USA on March 17, 2005. This is the same as how many average 70kg men?

A little harder

  • The largest permanent Monopoly board measures 9.44m x 9.44m in San Jose, California, USA. What is the area of the board?
  • The tallest hotel in the World is Burj Al Arab in Dubai UAE it is 800m tall. The moon is 32,million m away from the earth. How many Burj Al Arab's stacked one on top of the other to reach from the earth to the moon.
  • The largest comercially available pizza can be bought at Mama Lna's Pizza House, in Pennsylvania US and has an area of 1.3m². What is the diameter of this pizza?

They weren't too bad? Try these!

  • The tallest man in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence was Robert Pershing Wadlow who was 272cm and 222.7kg at his peak. What was his peak BMI (Body Mass Index)?
  • The tallest structure in the world is Burj Dubai,UAE at 818m tall ,what is the shortest ladder if, for safety the angle of elevation is 75°.

Know what the Golden Ratio is?

  • How much difference is there between the ratio of the world's tallest man, Robert Pershing Wadlow's height (272cm) and arm span (288cm), from the Golden Ratio
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